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Bat’s Cave

The Bat’s Cave is another prominent attraction for visitors to Pokhara. Located in the vicinity of the Mahendra Cave, it is predominantly a limestone cave and as the name suggests, full of bats. It is locally called Chamere Gupha. Since the cave is not electrically lit, the cavers must be cautious as it is shrouded in darkness and the path full of sharp stones. Every step must be taken carefully as water regularly leaks through the ceiling making it damp and slippery.

The cave is about 135 meters long. There is also a small rivulet running through the cave deep in the rock. The entrance to the cave has been opened up and cement stairs wind their way down to the actual mouth of the cave.

The Bat’s Cave is at Batulechaur, It is about 4km from Mahendra-pul. There is a regular microbus service available from Bazar and other parts of Pokhara. It can also be reached by bicycles, motorbikes and taxis.

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