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The activity of exploring caves is called spelunking or caving. While not many people, local and foreign, take up this as a solely unique hobby, they don’t ignore the presence of caves under the city too. All people who come to Pokhara do visit caves under the guidance of experienced people. Pokhara caves evoke a vision of a entirely different city hidden under the ground. Above a cave, dense forest exists with flowing stream, ending as a sparkling waterfall tumbling into a mysteriously hidden world. Pokhara is famous for ten mystical caves. However, presently, only nine of the caves can be entered as the Eastern Power Station cave has been badly damaged and buried, as it resides under a huge landslide.


Caves in Pokhara

Balkailasheshwor Cave

Balkailasheshwor Mahadeva Cave is a small limestone cave. A large number of Hindu pilgrims who worship Lord Shiva with deep reverence visit the cave. The beautiful and holy… [Read More…]


Bat’s Cave

The Bat’s cave is another prominent attraction for visitors to Pokhara. Located in the vicinity of the Mahendra Cave, it is predominantly a limestone cave and as the name suggests… [Read More…]


The Crazy Cave

As the name suggests, the cave can have strange effects on some. It can drive people crazy as soon as they go into its depths. This is perhaps the only cave in Pokhara where… [Read More…]


Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

Located in the south-east at Chhorepatan, Pokhara, the Gupteshwor Mahadev cave is considered 599 years old. While the young local people went deeper, they found out that an… [Read More…]


Mahendra Cave

The cave is 275 metres long, the width of the entrance is 16 meters, and the width in the middle of the cave is only about 3 ½ meters. At the far end of the cave, its width is 5 ½ meters… [Read More…]


Siddheshwor Cave

The Siddheshwor Cave is of utmost religious importance. The cave is located at Mahat Gaunda, ward 17. It is about 5km from Mahendra-pul, Pokhara. The visitors can take any local… [Read More…]


Western Power Station Cave

The Nepalese cave that has earned mention in the book “Atlas of the Great Caves of the World”, one of the most famous books about caves which contains a wonderful collection… [Read More…]



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