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Getting Around

There are a number of ways by which you can get to Pokhara. One of the ways is by one of the many buses that run from the country’s capital, Kathmandu. Tourist buses, local buses and small “micro” buses run from Kathmandu to Pokhara on a regular basis. They leave the capital on the late afternoons almost every 15 minutes or so. The road is winding with many switchbacks but offers wonderful views of hills and rural Nepalese lifestyle. Another way is by plane from Kathmandu’s Tribhuwan International Airport (Domestic Section). There are a number of reputable airlines that operate regular flights that can be purchased online and at the last minute. The flights offer the benefit of a bird’s eye view of the countryside and of the panoramic mountains themselves. And of course, as the roads get dangerous in rainy seasons, it makes more sense to get there securely by air.


Ways to get around

By Bicycle

There are a number of places where one can hire or even buy a bicycle of their choice. For a tourist, it makes sense to hire a bicycle for the required number of days than… [Read More…]

By Bus

A large number of small local buses including big buses, mini vans and micro buses regulate between Lakeside, the airport, the public bus stand and Mahendra Bridge… [Read More…]

By Foot

Pokhara being a fairly small city, allows everyone to visit places on foot. It is really nice to walk around the city along the streets and off-roads too and enjoy the incredible… [Read More…]

By Taxi & Cars

One can get around Pokhara by taxis, which cost way more than local buses, but one has the luxury of having a private seat, the convenience of having baggages in safe… [Read More…]