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United Telecom Limited

Posted by in on 8-13-14

United Telecom Limited

UTL provides Internet through its USIM.

If you have the data services activated in your U-SIM , you need to:

  • Install the software provided with your data device modem.
  • Set up a dial up connection choosing the data device as your modem, with the username and password provided by UTL. You need to dial #777 to access the high speed internet services.

Four different types of Data Plan are available for USIM Data Subscriber.

  • Unlimited 24 hour surfing for 1 month
  • Unlimited 24 hour surfing for 1 year
  • Unlimited night surfing (8 pm to 8 am) for 1 month
  • Unlimited night sufring (8pm to 8am) for 1 year

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