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Gandaki Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Posted by in on 8-13-14

Gandaki Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Fewa Net Pvt. Ltd.

Services :

A) Wireless Broadband Internet
A wireless Internet connection gives you freedom to connect to high speed Internet connection. Subscribing wireless connection provides following advantages:

  • High Speed Internet connection.
  • 24 * 7 days Internet Connection.
  • No Telephone engagements.
  • Suitable for Corporate and Individual users.
  • Free email address � [email protected]

B) Dial-Up Internet
An Internet Connection suitable for home users and requires a telephone line.

C) E-mail Service
An email service helps you to get and email id of your choice for receiving and sending mails. Your email address will be “[email protected]”.
Annual Charge – NRs. 1,000.00 +VAT

D) Virtual Email Hosting
With this service, you can get an email address of your choice
Eg: [email protected]
Subscription charge per year – NRs. 5,000.00 + VAT

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061536089, 061536090




Bhimsen Chowk, Mahendra Pool, Pokhara

P.O. Box:


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