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Bullet Basecamp

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Bullet Basecamp: A Dutch-Aussie creation. In addition to running this unprecedented bar vision, this amazing duo also work with street kids to lift the community, through an organisation called SEWA. Situated a little away from the touristy strip of Pokhara in the neighbourhood of the people, this bar embodies the “same same, but different” mentality. A welcomed mixed clientele of bikers, locals, general transients, entrepreneurs, volunteers, storytellers and story seekers makes this one of gems of Pokhara. An oasis amidst the daily rumblings of work and play nearby. Whether it’s a break for WiFi and a brew, a pool game and a pint, a quick bite and a beverage, or a moment for unwinding and perhaps a conversation or two, a bit of honest travellers advice, arranging your bike tour or to helping you out with your own Bullet; the Bullet Basecamp and the faces behind always deliver. A spot that’s there to get you hooked.

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Location : Jarebar, Lakeside, Pokhara-6
Phone : 9808385970, 9804178086
[email protected]

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