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Western Power Station Cave

The Nepalese cave that has earned mention in the book “Atlas of the Great Caves of the World”, one of the most famous books about caves which contains a wonderful collection of the most exciting caves in the world, is the Western Power Station Cave. The cave is about 800 metres long going down to the power station. The cave’s mouth is wide open and can easily be seen even from a far distance.

During the Monsoon time, June-September, the cave is unbelievably flooded and no one should dare to enter the cave. By the beginning of October, the stream begins to die down; once the stream is small, visitors can enjoy the thrill of cave exploration without too much difficulty.

The cave lies at ward 17 and is near Phewa Power House. It is about 4-5 km from Lakeside. It is within walking distance from Birauta Chowk. As soon as one reaches the edge of the cliff at the Phewa power Station, one goes down a 300 metres flight of steps. After descending about 50 metres, one can takes a left turn over gigantic water pipes and walk about 100 metres to see the wide open mouth of the cave.

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