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Mahendra Cave

The cave is 275 metres long, the width of the entrance is 16 metres, and the width in the middle of the cave is only about 3 ½ metres. At the far end of the cave, its width is 5 ½ metres.

The mouth of the cave is quite open and easy to enter. Although a string of light bulbs has been fixed on the walls of the cave, the supply of electricity is very unpredictable. Therefore, the cavers should not forget to carry torchlight. Drops of water continuously seeping through the limestone have made streaks on the cave walls and given it an eerie appearance. One can observe some bizarre images on the cave walls that appear to be human carved images of the Hindu deities.

The cave is located in the north end of the valley. It lies at Batulechaur about 6km from downtown Pokhara. The cave can be reached by bicycle, bus, motorbike or taxi. There is a regular microbus service to the cave from Bazar. The Mahendra Cave is about 4km from Mahendra-pul and 6km from the Lakeside.

In winter, the Mahendra Cave is open from 7 am to 5 pm; while in summer, from 6:30 am to 6 pm.

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