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Balkailasheshwor Cave

Balkailasheshwor Mahadeva Cave is a small limestone cave. A large number of Hindu pilgrims who worship Lord Shiva with deep reverence visit the cave. The beautiful and holy cave is located at Sarangkot VDC, ward number 6. Although the cave is not large, it is worth visiting. From the foot of the hill, visitors have to walk about 300m to get to the cave on the top of the hill.

Balkailasheshwor Mahadeva Cave Committee welcomes all visitors. The cave is about 3km from the Baglung highway on the western side of a hill called Shaurekhola Dansebhitto. The visitors can set out on a pony trek from Parsang or Baglung highway. The path to the cave goes all the way over the denuded slopes of Sarangkot hill. Kakikot surrounds Balkailasheshwor Mahadeva Cave to the west, the Pokhara valley to the east, Hyangja village to the north, and the Phewa Lake to the south. Thus, geographically, the Balkailasheshwor Cave is unique.

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