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Former King Gyanendra to move to Nagarjuna, Paras won’t be allowed into Nirmal Niwas

Former King Gyanendra is going to move to the government-provided Nagarjuna Palace next week. Shah has been living for a long time in his own home, Nirmal Niwas.

The source from Nirmal Niwas states that though the news that the reason for the Former King to move from Nirmal Niwas to Nagarjuna Palace is the return of Former Prince Paras, who has been living in Thailand for a long time, to Nepal, though circulating publicly is incorrect.

Paras is to return Nepal from Thailand on 21st of Shrawan due to expiration of visa period. Even though he is returning to Nepal, he is not going to be permitted into Nirmal Niwas, claims a reliable source. The source from Nirmal Niwas states that the Former King has decided not to let Paras, who has been involved in different scandals, into his home however he returns, alone or along with his lover.

Government has already retracted the security services from Paras, who has been involved in the Chitwan Shooting-Scandal (Chitwan Goli Kanda). Even in Thailand, he was held by Police a number of times due to being involved in different scandals. Henceforth, it is not clear as to where Paras will live after returning to Nepal.

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