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Recovering Nepal

Posted by in on 6-25-14

Recovering Nepal

In 2003, a series of workshops were held where the PWUD got an opportunity to share their experiences, reflect their feeling, observations, insights and learn from each other. These interactions led to the legal registration of Recovering Nepal in 2003. Since its establishment, Recovering Nepal has reached out to drug users via various support groups. Most of the ex-users and active PWUD are directly and indirectly involved in this network. Since May 2003, this group is serving as a strong network of committed people, who are helping in addressing the stigma discrimination, raising voice to promote basic rights, advocating for policy change and increasing quality access to affordable and comprehensive treatment and care for the drug users who are living with HIV.

Recovering Nepal aims to influence the policies that improve the quality of lives of drug users, reinstate their rights and create a supportive environment. The organization promotes provision of HIV/AIDS and Harm Reduction services and advocate for the rights of PWUD while focusing on strengthening the capacity of PWUD and their organizations to respond to the HIV epidemic, especially at the grassroots level. It is an organization By PWUD and for PWUD. The organization seeks to increase participation of PWUD in designing effective policies and programs.

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Durbar-Thok Marg, New Road, Pokhara

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