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Kumudini Homes Higher Secondary School

Posted by in on 7-30-14

Kumudini Homes Higher Secondary School

The city of Pokhara is home to one of the Landmark institutions of learning, Kumudini Homes. With 19 plus years of proficiency in their specific subjects. Teachers are of history, it is highly ranked as one of the top boarding prompted to stay up to date in their specialties and in schools in Nepal. It has built a reputation for inspiring its current teaching practices. Students to be high achievers with an The school uniforms are worn with pride as outlook to the future. The motto that to reflect Kumudini Homes history the field governs the path of Kumudini of providing a quality education to the Homes is Always Aim High. The students who pass through its gates.modus operandi is the star ship, which governs the school’s direction and its The students of Kumudini Homes are futuristic vision to prepare students for shepherded through their early years of the world and workplace of tomorrow. academia starting at Montessori school The only constant in today’s society is age up to and including graduating with ‘Change’ and Kumudini Homes demands their 10 + 2. of itself that the graduating students are able to move forward in life and meet the the school’s physical growth and development challenges that lay ahead. strategy displays its sincere drive to meet today and tomorrow’s student needs’

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061524997, 061525967


Gairhapatan, Pokhara-4

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