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Global IME Bank

Posted by in on 7-29-14

Global IME Bank

Global IME Bank Ltd. emerged after successful merger of Global Bank Ltd (an “A” class commercial bank), IME Financial Institution (a “C” class finance company) and Lord Buddha Finance Ltd. (a “C” class finance company) in year 2012. Two more Development Banks (Social Development Bank and Gulmi Bikas Bank) merged with Global IME Bank Lrd in year 2013.

Global Bank Limited (GBL) was established in 2007 as an ‘A’ class commercial bank in Nepal which provides entire commercial banking services. The bank was established with the largest capital base at the time with a paid up capital of NPR 1.0 billion. The paid up capital of the bank has since been increased to NPR 2.42 billion. The bank’s shares are publicly traded as an ‘A’ category company in the Nepal Stock Exchange.

Pursuant to the liberalized economic policy of the government, majority of the commercial banks have established their head office in the Kathmandu valley. Witnessing the incredible potential the country offers outside the capital, the promoters have established the bank in Birgunj, the commercial hub of the nation. It is in line with the aim of the bank to be “The Bank for All” by giving necessary impetus to the economy through world class banking service.

For the day to day operations, the bank has been using the world renowned FINACLE software that provides real time access to customer database across all branches and corporate locations of the bank. This state of the art customer database has also been linked to a Management Information System that provides easy reach to all possible database information for balanced and informed decision making. A disaster recovery system (DRS) of the Bank has also been established in the Western Region of Nepal (200 kms west of Kathmandu).

The bank has been able to achieve excellent diversification of its assets. A well balanced distribution of exposure in areas of national interest has been possible through long term forecasting and timely strategic planning. The bank has diversified interests in hydropower, manufacturing, textiles, services industry, aviation, exports, trading and microfinance projects, just to mention a few.

The exemplary performance of the bank in these last five years has elevated it to a premier status in the industry. The bank has been handling government transactions and is officially among the only 5 banks in Nepal to do so. The bank has been able to earn the trust and confidence of the public, which is reflected in the large and ever expanding customer base of the bank. Through all this the bank has been able to truly achieve its vision of being “The Bank for All”. Even with all this success, the bank remains internally focused towards manpower development, product innovation and process innovation etc, to have a strong and solid foundation, which are ongoing and continuous improvement initiatives undertaken by the management and staff alike.

To win respectable market share through customer focused quality products and services, innovative business solutions and technology driven banking thereby enhancing the growth and profitability of the bank so as to ensure the optimum benefit to all stakeholders at all times.

The bank shares a common vision of “The Bank for All” amongst its Promoters, Directors, Management Team and Staff in commitment to providing the highest standard of services for customers from all regions and societies.

Bank’s Product and Services
The bank offers a complete range of banking products in deposits, lending, trade finance and remittances. The bank’s deposit product portfolio encompasses customer tailored saving deposits, fixed deposits, call and current deposits. The lending product portfolio includes commercial loan products such as demand loans, cash credits, overdrafts, trust receipts and term loans, whereas a complete portfolio of personal and retail credit products are also provided by the bank. Non-fund based products such as bank guarantees and letters of credit are also available to the bank’s customers. SMEs and Global Small Loans has been the focus for the year 2011/12. In continuation of living with its vision “The Bank for All”, the bank has launched Agricultural Loan in co-ordination with food processing industries as about 70% of the Nepalese population depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The Bank is one of the five commercial banks which are authorized to perform Government transactions.

Value Added Services
In addition to the above, the bank also offers a variety of value added services to its customers. The bank has also been providing Internet/Mobile Banking Services (through its website, SMS Banking Services and SMS Notification Services among other such value added proposition to its customers. The bank has also been issuing VISA debit and VISA credit cards to its customers since 2009. GBL is the only bank to provide SMS alert to its customers on credit transactions and credit card transactions besides other transactions.

Correspondent Network
The bank has been maintaining harmonious correspondent relationships with 62 different international banks from various countries to facilitate trade, remittance and other cross border services. Through these correspondents the bank is able to provide services in any major currencies in the world. The bank also maintains its extension offices in India and Middle East to assist in the remittance of funds from overseas Nepalese workers. These services are soon to be expanded to South Korea.

Branch Network
The bank is now operating 85 branches spread throughout Nepal. All of the bank’s branches have been established as full service outlets that offer a large range of banking services to its customers. The bank also operates 80 ATMs throughout the country strategically placed for the convenience of customers.

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New Road Branch : 061527503, 061527504; Prithivi Chowk Branch : 061533753, 061533754


New Road Branch : 061527508


New Road, Pokhara and Prithivi Chowk, Pokhara

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