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Blue Sky Paragliding

Posted by in on 6-25-14

Blue Sky Paragliding

Blue Sky Paragliding Ltd. was born in 2001. The friendship of Narayang Parajulie, one of the first Nepali pilot, and David Arrufat, a Swiss pilot famous for his acro level (comes to discover the Rhythmic SAT in 2002), brought up the will to offer paragliding tandem and courses in Nepal.

Blue Sky Paragliding is now a well established company. The staff is composed almost by a team of around 7 to 10 pilots. The aim of Blue Sky Paragliding is of course to fly but it also strongly wishes to develop paragliding in Nepal and give maximum opportunities of job and education.

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061464737, 061463015


Lakeside (Khahare), Pokara-6

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